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Laurence Mathews Derwent Pencil Graphic  Tin of 12 Assorted Degrees

Derwent Pencil Graphic Tin of 12 Assorted Degrees

This classic glossy black hexagonal 6.9mm diameter pencil with a distinctive angled orange stripe is available in a range of 20 degrees from 9H to 9B. H stands for 'Hardness' and B for Blackness.
The width of the strip varies depending on the degree of the pencil to ensure maximum performance. The hard degrees have a 2.2mm strip and the soft 3.5mm, F equals fine. This makes them ideal for everything from crisp detailed line drawings to soft sketches.



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Derwent Pencil Sets

Generations of craftsmen have maintained and improved upon the standards that make Derwent one the most highly regarded brands of fine art pencils in the world.

Today, this long heritage underpins modern manufacturing methods to provide enviable standards of consistency and reliability. Good enough, in fact, to earn the International Standards quality seal ISO9002.

Derwent prides itself on an extensive offering of fine art and graphic pencils produced to precisely the same values as those made more than 50 years ago.

Tradition, craftsmanship and quality have combined to make Derwent the first choice of artists around the world.

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