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Tulip 3 Dimensional Fabric Paint

Tips and hints for use.
You can use all of the Tulip colours to create a collage of accessories.
The tool proposed can be used to obtain fine and accurate details. (if necessary, a finer tool is available in the tool assortment for Glitter effects).

Regular flow
To obtain a regular flow of paint, position the tube head down 1/2 an hour before use.
Before starting, practice on a sheet of paper so that you get used to handling the bottle: 1 dotted line, 1 zigzag line, 1 scroll line and finally your first name. You are now ready!

For successful application
During the application, always keep the tip close to the material for better paint adherence. Maintain constant pressure on the bottle for a regular flow while tilting it slightly to the right to obtain the relief effect. Regularly wipe the tip to prevent excess paint. Move the bottle more rapidly to obtain finer lines.

Correct your mistakes
As long as the paint is wet, you can erase a mistake with a cloth soaked in warm water or alcohol. Be careful not to damage the colour of some fabrics, practice beforehand. Protect the work surface, Tulip is a permanent paint.

Storing the products
After opening, the bubble-free bottle must be stored with the head down. If necessary, open the tip with a pin. Otherwise, the tip can be removed and cleaned with warm water after use or changed.

Great gluing power
All Tulip colours can be used as glue.
Whatever the surface type, your designs can be accessorised with cabochons, pearls, oriental mirrors and other ornaments .

Good adherence after washing
Affix the accessories securely in order to ensure they do not fall off when washed. Apply a large drop of the paint directly onto the material, position the ornament and flatten it with the tip of a pencil to let the paint spread around and obtain a smooth edge. Leave to dry for 72 hours before washing



Glow in the Dark or Metallic Colours


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