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Laurence Mathews Daler Rowney Impasto Gels

Daler Rowney
From Only:   £5.25
Impasto Gels

Impasto Gel Medium Matt
This white translucent heavy bodied gel provides a cost effective means of covering large areas with impasto colour when mixed with pure acrylic colour. Mixtures of Impasto Gel (Matt) with acrylic colour will dry to an eggshell matt finish. The marks of brush and knife will be retained with gel mixed just as with the pure colour, and the same bodied buttery texture is preserved.

Impasto Gel Medium Gloss
As with Impasto Gel Medium (Matt) it provides a cost effective alternative for large area coverage. The colours become more transparent and glossy as more medium is added to the colour. Drying times will be slowed down, but not significantly, and it may take a day or more for the full gloss to develop.



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