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Cotman Watercolours 8ml tubes and 21ml tubes
From Only:   £3.40

The range of 40 colours are chosen according to mass tone (colour from
tube), undertone (bias of colour when in a thin film), colour strength, relative opacity and the character of the pigment itself. The resultant colour spectrum ensures the largest number of colours can be mixed.

The Cotman Water Colour range has a more uniform consistency than the Artists' Water Colour range and this benefits beginners as there is less to learn about each individual pigment. The Cotman Water Colour range also relates to the Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colour range, e.g. Burnt Sienna in both ranges has the same hue. This enables artists to use colours from both ranges with minimal adjustment to their technique.





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Laurence Mathews Mediums For Watercolour 75ml Bottles
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Mediums For Watercolour
From Only:   £7.65
75ml Bottles

Granulation Medium gives a mottled or granular appearance to colours which usually give a smooth wash, such as Winsor Red or Winsor Blue. By adding granulations Medium to colours that already granulate, such as Viridian or French Ultramarine, the effect is further enhanced.
Granulation is popular wherever you want to add interest or dimension to otherwise flat areas.

Blending MediumThis liquid is used to slow the drying rate of water colours allowing more time for blending. It is particularly useful in hot climates where artists would like their water colours to stay open and workable for a longer period of time.

Lifting Preparation allows dry washes, including staining colours, to be more easily lifted from paper with a wet brush or sponge. It is an ideal preparation with which beginners can prime the paper allowing corrections to be made to their painting.

Texture medium contains fine particles and can be used to give the impression of depth and structure to water colour paintings. It is ideal for emphasising areas such as sandy beaches or the bark of a tree in figurative paintings. Used with multiple washes, Texture Medium catches different layers of colour and really gives a new dimension to water colour painting.

iridescent MediumThis medium gives pearlescent or glitter effects to your water colours. It can be mixed directly with water colours or applied over a dried wash.

Masking Fluid A liquid with added pigmentation for masking areas of work needing protection when colour is applied in broad washes. It is composed of rubber latex and pigment. For best results remove as soon as possible after application. Brushes can be cleaned if washed immediately with water after use.
Sections treated with Art Masking Fluid must be allowed to dry before overpainting. Once dry these areas remain protected and cannot be penetrated by colour.

Gum Arabic is usually mixed into the water colour wash but can be added to the jar of water if you prefer to use it throughout the painting. Gum Arabic should not be used directly from the bottle because thick films will be brittle.

Oxgall Liquid A wetting agent used to improve flow when mixed directly with water colours. It can also be used on very hard sized papers to reduce surface tension.

Watercolour Medium A pale coloured binder that when mixed with water colours improves their flow and transparency. Can be thinned with water.
It has similar characteristics to Gum Arabic but increases the wetting of the paper (this is how flow of washes is improved.)




Laurence Mathews Cotman Deluxe Sketchers box 12 half pans
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Cotman Deluxe Sketchers box 12 half pans

This high quality, light weight plastic set contains:1 x Pocket brush 1 x Kneaded eraser 1 x Pencil, 16 x Cotman Water Colour half pans: Cadmium Yellow Hue, Cadmium Yellow, Rouge Cadmium Pale Hue, Cadmium Deep Red, Purple Lake, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue, Emerald Green, Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey, Chinese White. Actual contents may vary.



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Laurence Mathews Cotman Half Pan Studio Set
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Cotman Half Pan Studio Set
Was:  £92.70

Now only:  £ 62.50 (You save: £ 30.20)

A large set containing 45 Cotman half pans covering the full range of colours. Some colours are duplicated as there are only 40 colours.


Laurence Mathews Cotman Watercolour Twelve 8ml Tube Set
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Cotman Watercolour Twelve 8ml Tube Set
Was:  £32.00

Now only:  £ 26.50 (You save: £ 5.50)

A wider Palette of 12x8ml tubes of Cotman Water Colour, extending mixing and painting possibilities. Includes: Cadmium Yellow, Cadmium Red Pale Hue, Crimson Alizarine, Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue, Prussian Blue, Emerald Green, Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna, Raw Umber, Ivory Black, China White. Actual contents may vary.



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